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Upward Capable Reporter
At Upward Capable we know how critical access to information can be; that is why we developed the Upward Capable Reporter™.
The Upward Capable Reporter™ is built for performance. Our tool is much more than a simple data reporter; our tool expands the capabilities of all your database needs!
The Upward Capable Reporter (UCR) is designed for flexibility
Provides easy access to information
Expands user functions beyond simply reporting
Gives administrators flexibility while ensuring reasonable SQL is running on the
Quick access to information – one to two click access
Easy user interface geared toward usability
Web based, menu driven user experience
Users can customize experience (e.g. site theme, page layouts)
Descriptions can be added on any link
Flexibility is critical to the design
User security administration is done through Windows Active Directory groups
Table and field level security for add and edit
Link level security and tracking for every function
Unlimited groups and security levels possible
Basic User Functions
Quick access to view and export report data
Dashboard data reporting
Graphs, Charts and Data views
Export to Excel or PDF
Easily filter and/or sort on the dataset
Core functionality on all data grids
Edit and maintain table data
Based on easily customized security requirements
Performance focused
Data updates
Load data via spreadsheet or text uploads
Define data validation rules* as needed (* This is an additional fee based service)
Run stored procedures
Centralized and secure access
No need to involve DBA for production runs
Speed, Flexibility and Integration
Rapid customization with minimal effort
Connects directly with existing Oracle databases
Connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server coming in version 2
Access any valid view, table, stored procedure or function
Immediate access to new SQL
Create SQL on the database
Add a link to UCR, select security
Users immediately have access
Security groups allow for complete user experience flexibility
Limit what every user can see and do
Instantly add a link without waiting for a release (Valid views/tables can be added to the security and ready for users instantly)
User access controlled by Windows Active Directory groups
Easy integration into current environments
Application has a small footprint
Core functionality is Oracle database and Windows IIS based website
Why Upward Capable Reporter?
Reporting without the hassle
Why build data cubes or universes that require additional technical resources
Minimized development time
SQL developers can create backend views
Custom SQL can be placed directly into the UCR configuration (coming in version 3)
Reduce the number of reporting interfaces
Why maintain multiple reporting interfaces
Let UCR be your single tool for all updates, maintenance and user reporting needs
Simplify end-user interactions
One seamless interface for all user across multiple diverse organizations
Easily customizable by super-user/administrator
Why Upward Capable?
Proven results
Our clients see immediate benefits in their performance
We have achieved an average of 30% performance improvements and have seen much as 65% improvement in day-to-day activities.
Unmatched commitment
We are 100% focused on supporting the needs of our clients, we are ready and willing to develop the tools and functionality you need!
Dedicated support
We appreciate how much our clients mean to our business, therefore they must receive the highest level of support.
We want your business to thrive and we want to be a trusted partner.
Next Steps
Commit to improving your business’ productivity
This is simple, let Upward Capable know you are intent on improving you business
Schedule on-site evaluation of existing processes and reporting tools
Our professionals will meet with specific members of your team to understand your needs.
We meet with business process owners, developers and various IT staff.
We will develop a migration and implementation plan
Develop cost and support plans
After the on-site evaluation is complete we will provide a full assessment of the migration and implementation plan along with any potential costs
We will agree on a plan and move forward!
Let one of our sales professionals help evaluate your business.
See our Contact Us page to get in touch with us today!