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Business Command™ - Telecom Expense Management
Telecom Expense Management is critical to any successful business.
Your organization must have the access they need to reach your customers.  Our team has experience in all aspects of TEM.   Our proven track record of reducing cost, improving expense management capabilities and building a strong process is unmatched.
Our team has the right professionals to support all of your Telecom Expense Management needs.
The Upward Capable methodology is unmatched! Our methodology starts with you, the client. We understand how your existing capabilities apply to our invoice management process. We take a systematic approach to integrating your TEM operations into our environment.
Our experience will help us find cost savings opportunities within your network. Our technical capabilities expand on the automation of your process.

Payment Request

We understand that the payment request process is sensitive. We know that having an efficient review and approval process will eliminate delays and speed the ability for you to submit payments through your exisiting AP System.

Dispute Management

Our process for managing disputes ensures you have complete access to all possible information from the initial documenation to any correspondence between Upward Capable and your vendors. For Upward Capable we have a dashboard of active disputes by vendors, this information gives our staff easy access to ensure your disputes are getting the attention they require.

Invoice Management

The Upward Capable Invoice Management experts know how to best review, audit and process your invoices. We ensure your accounting needs are supported.


Simply paying an invoice provides no business value. Our experts will review the charges on every invoice to ensure your vendors are appropriately billing you. As we find dispute opportunities we will work directly with your vendors to ensure the disputes are resolved and credited as necessary.


Monthly and quarterly accounting is critical to the overall success of TEM processing. We will work with your accounting organization to ensure all of your needs are supported. Were appropriate we will automate your process to help make it more efficient.
Let one of our sales professionals help evaluate your business.  See our Contact Us page to get in touch with us today!